DYNAMITE – DYnamic humaN AutoMation InTEraction

Project time: 2014 – 2017

Budget: 8 200 000 SEK

Funding: SIP Produktion2030

Purpose and goal

DYNAMITE has aimed to increase cooperation betw een humans and automation systems, using smart and innovative solutions for both physical and cognitive automation.The aim w as to further develop previous solutions and apply them in an industrial environment, and thereby aim for a TRL around 7. Solutions like collaborative w ork cells , instructions w ith glasses and virtual tools for simulation of human machine interaction have all been tested in industry,
which show s that the project goal has been reached.These results have also been published in scientific conferences.

Results and expected effects

A large part of the result w as to spread know ledge in automation and digitization. This w as made by a number of demonstrators in the industry, but as the technology existing collaborative robot cells and instructions in the glasses is still under development, no further tests have been done. This hopes to be in further research.

Approach and implementation

The design of the project has been to have close cooperation betw een industry and academia and to develop demonstrators in parallel in the w ork packages. All w ork packages have been developed and demonstrated at least one demonstrator using one or more partners which can be seen as a successful project. The project results have been presented at both international and national conferences, both scientific and popular, which means that the results reached a w ide audience. Parts of the project results have also been used in the training of engineers in the machine- and mekatonicprogram.

Participating researcher(s)



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