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Kunskapsförmedlingen (in English Result Center) is a meeting place for Swedish research in product realization; product development, production, post market and product support. The presented results are derived from the research conducted by Sweden’s leading research programs.

Kunskapsförmedlingen is managed by KK-stiftelsen, Mistra, Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF), Teknikföretagen/Svenskt näringsliv, Tillväxtverket and VINNOVA, in close cooperation with Swedish industry, institutes and universities.

The goal of Kunskapsförmedlingen is to spread results of research projects in product development to industry as well as strengthen the cooperation between university, institute, and business.

Kunskapsförmedlingen was initiated spring of 2002 by ENDREA through initiatives from program director Professor Jan-Ove Palmberg and chairman Carl-Göran Wikholm, Scania. Shortly thereafter other research programmes were affiliated with the project (eg IMIE, PROPER, EPROPER). ProViking was chairing the initiative 2003-2009. Since 2009 VINNOVA is chair of the management group.

In total, Kunskapsförmedlingen currently involves a network of several hundred researchers and their research projects.

The first version of Kunskapsförmedlingen was in use 2002-2012 (version 1.0, own developed content management system, CMS, based on php). Version 2.0 (based on MODX) was in use since 2013 and this version Kunskapsförmedlingen 3.0 (based on WordPress) was launched August 31, 2016.

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