Swedish Manufacturing R&D Clusters

The Swedish vehicle manufacturing companies have since long initiated a structure for coordination of research and innovation – the Swedish Manufacturing R&D Clusters. In 2020, RISE was appointed to coordinate the clusters.

Eight clusters are active today within different expertise areas within manufacturing R&D. Four clusters deal with specific manufacturing process areas, while four clusters focus on supporting areas of importance for sustainable production.


Strengthens Sweden as a sustainable industrial nation

The goal of the clusters is to develop economically and environmentally sustainable manufacturing systems that are capable of efficiently supplying the market with the innovative products of the future. Through the cluster’s working methods and activities, we strengthen Sweden’s continued success as a sustainable industrial nation.

What we do in the clusters


Advantages from taking part in a cluster

The objective of the clusters is to develop sustainable manufacturing systems for innovative products, both with respect to economic and climate goals. A member of a cluster can obtain the following:


Our clusters

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Contact: Boel Wadman, RISE