Cluster digital manufacturing

Digitalization is increasingly integrated into supply chains, business relationships, products, production systems and new manufacturing technology. Digital Manufacturing (DM) is an approach to manufacturing that is centred around the ever-increasing use of digital technologies and their related methods and processes. It is seen as an important mean to meet high requirements of efficiency, cost, time, flexibility, and – in an ever-greater importance – sustainability and circular economy / ecosystems.

The cluster’s aims are to enable

Research Areas


Cluster members

AB Volvo (chair), Volvo Cars, Scania, FKG, RISE (coordinator), University West, KTH, Chalmers, University of Skövde, Innovatum, Cognizant, KTH,and Uppsala University. Work is in progress to strengthen and expand membership of the cluster.



Johan Vallhagen, AB Volvo,

Per Gullander, RISE,

Magnus Widfeldt, RISE,



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