Cluster Assembly

The cluster for assembly is one of eight clusters within the Swedish Manufacturing R&D Clusters. The cluster focuses on research and development within assembly of complex products.

The goal of the cluster for assembly is a competitive Swedish assembly industry where assembly of complex products is comparable in terms of efficiency with low-cost solutions.

The purpose of the cluster is to contribute to the development of product and process flexibility and to the development of new materials and manufacturing processes.


Priority research​ areas


What is the advantage of participating in a cluster?

The aim is to develop economically and environmentally sustainable manufacturing systems capable of effectively providing the market with the innovative products of the future. Through the cluster’s working methods, we strengthen Sweden’s continued success as a sustainable industrial nation. You can win this by participating:

Cluster members: Volvo Cars, RISE, Volvo Group (GTO), Högskolan i Skövde, Chalmers, Scania, Linköpings universitet, SAAB, Jönköping University.

The cluster welcomes more companies! Please contact us for more information.
Coordinator: Sandra Mattsson, RISE

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