Assembly cluster

The assembly cluster focus on four R&D areas:

1. Contribute to development of innovative products

Aim and vision:
A competitive Swedish assembly industry where assembly of complex products are comparable regarding efficiency with low cost mass assembly.

Identified topics:
1. Products and process flexibility
2. New materials and manufacturing processes

2. Process development/ automation

Aim and vision:
A production process that can adapt to the optimized modularization within product development.

Identified topics:
1. Process Optimisation
2. Integration of automation in manual assembly systems

3. People in production

Aim and vision:
An increased focus must attend to cognitive ergonomics as well as behaviour and psychology issues and how the knowledge within this field can be part of the industries analysis methods.

Identified topics:
1. Information presentation and quality assurance
2. Safety and ergonomics

4. Visualisation

Aim and vision:
The key issue is visualisation of the process, product flow as well as the information flow and facilitate these demands using Virtual Manufacturing tools.

Identified topic:
1. Virtual Engineering


Åke Gustafsson, Volvo Cars

Sandra Mattsson, RISE,


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