Cluster geometry and quality

Effective geometry and quality assurance in product design and manufacturing are a prerequisite for achieving customer satisfaction; this also reduces the risks of late adjustment costs, delays, and warranty costs. In a total perspective, it also involves sustainability, Geometry, and Quality Assurance aims to produce less scrap and provide more accuracy in product and processes. A critical enabler is the standards for specification and verification and that they are understood and interpreted equally by all involved.

Main focus areas:

Product and process specifications and requirement management

Tools and methods for measurement and quality planning

Verification technologies and quality control


Cluster members

Sandvik Coromant, NEVS, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, SAAB Group, Scania, Volvo Group, Volvo Cars, Husqvarna Group, Hexagon, Väderstad, Valmet, Tetrafix, Lidhs, Lars Hammare Utbildnings AB, Cascade, Valmet.


Alf Andersson, Volvo Cars,

Helena Björk, RISE,


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