Upscaling for a sustainable industry 2023


This is a call for proposals within Vinnova´s priority area Sustainable Industry. In Sweden, several initiatives are is running aimed at developing a sustainable industry. Many of these initiatives are in relatively early stages of development, but can, with the right conditions, grow into pilot and demonstration projects that can eventually be translated into industrial solutions. Upscaling and testing of concepts in a real environment is considered a prerequisite for minimizing risks, creating a basis for acceptance and promoting the commercialization of solutions that contribute to sustainability and climate change. This call therefore calls for project proposals for further development and upscaling of solutions that, after implementation, contribute to a climate-neutral and/or sustainable industry. The overall purpose is to - through support for testing and demonstration in a real environment - promote industrial implementation.

Promote Swedish participation in Horizon Europe: Preview of applications within Sustainable Industry 2023


Vinnova wants to strengthen Swedish players' opportunities to participate in Horizon Europe's calls for proposals in sustainable industry. With this effort, we want to offer Swedish actors an opportunity to have their applications for Horizon Europe's work program previewed by experienced assessors before the application is sent to Horizon Europe, and thereby receive feedback that can help strengthen the competitiveness of the upcoming application. This offer is an effort within Vinnova's priority area Sustainable industry. This means that the project within Horizon Europe that the application may result in is expected to contribute to one or more of Sustainable Industry's long-term impact goals: Climate-neutral and circular production, Resource-efficient and resilient value chains, Global competitiveness and A socially sustainable industry. The offer is therefore limited to calls that are part of Horizon Europa's work program within Clusters 4, 5 and 6.