Surface treatment and paint cluster

Surface Treatment & Paint Cluster

The surface treatment and paint cluster is devoted to improve the processes for surface treatment and paint to handle the new and combined material mixes in modern vehicles. The cluster is constantly working on minimising cost, environmental impact, and waste. Virtual tools are developed to minimise try-out time and consumption of resources.

Main focus areas, aims and vision:

Process materials
• New efficient paint systems adapted to the new material mixes in vehicles
• Reduced use of resources and especially hazardous chemicals
• Reduced environmental footprint be reduced energy consumption and waste

Process enhancement
• Increased efficiency in paint process
• Pretreatment, painting, and curing
• Low energy and water consuming pre-treatment processes
• Curing oven design and efficient heating technology
• Quality enhancement
• Efficient painting on new substrates: metals, plastics, and composites
• Reduced environmental impact and energy consumption

The virtual paint shop
• Create virtual models on paint processes, including penetration of chemicals, build-up of coatings, oven curing process etc, as well as the process flow through the factory
• Validate models in physical processes
• User friendly systems with good education material
• Fast simulation
• Shorter try-out time and less test objects


Lars Erhardsson, Scania

Jan Skogsmo, RISE IVF,
Charlotte Ireholm, RISE IVF,

Cluster members

Volvo Group, Volvo Cars, Scania, FKG, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden


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