Resilient and sustainable production (RaSP) – Proactive production development of greenfield and brownfield

Resilient and sustainable production (RaSP) – Proactive production development of greenfield and brownfield

Project time: 2021 – 2024

Budget: 7 200 000 SEK

Funding: SIP Produktion2030

Resilient and sustainable production for proactive production development of greenfield/brownfield.

This project addresses challenges for manufacturing firms setting up new, i.e. greenfield production facilities. The industrial relevance of the project lies in ensuring a future-proof factory in an efficient industrial value chain, based on circularity, in terms of minimum waste, and long-term overall sustainability with a triple bottom line perspective, including social, ecological and long-term economic values (people, planet and profit). Yet another requirement is the ability to adapt to future market needs and opportunities, to be resilient. Resilience and sustainability are essential requirements for competitive manufacturing in the future. With these aspects in mind, this research proposal: “Resilient and Sustainable Production – Proactive greenfield and brownfield production development (RaSP)” is formed. The RaSP project aims to develop a framework that proactively supports Swedish manufacturing industries to be in the forefront in the transition towards circular production and create prerequisites for resilience and sustainability from a holistic perspective. Together with the industrial partners, practical knowledge will be developed related to the content and prerequisites for resilient and sustainable production. The two overarching goals are to: a) determine the essential elements of a resilient and sustainable production system, and to b) create a development process supporting such a development. Through an interactive approach in the research consortium, the expected result is a proactive framework supporting greenfield and brownfield production development.

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