Forum for standardization in digitalized industry is now being launched

Forum for standardization in digitalized industry is now being launched


Increased digitization of production has many potential benefits, but increased knowledge of standards is important for companies to be able to take advantage of the opportunities. It is a challenge to relate to the large number of standards and standardization work that is underway. To meet these needs, this forum is created for Swedish industry.

Digitization of production and production development offers many opportunities for Swedish industry. For Smart Industri / Industry 4.0, great demands are placed on all subsystems being able to be integrated, collaborate, and offer high flexibility. A key component to achieving this in a cost-effective way is to use standards. At the same time, we have a production development that is becoming increasingly complex with many integrated subsystems.

– Efficient handling and communication of information is increasingly central to these processes. To succeed with system integration, a consensus on interfaces between subsystems is required. Common standards reduce uncertainty and the risk of making the wrong decisions when investing, says Per Gullander, researcher at RISE and project manager for the Forum for standardization in the digitalised industry.

In 2021, a Forum for standardization in digitalised industry will be established, a forum for Swedish industry with the aim of imparting knowledge and offering support to Swedish companies in understanding standards for smart production.

– We want to give the companies that are part of the forum a stronger opportunity to exploit the opportunities that digitalisation and standards for smart manufacturing create and thereby be able to increase their competitiveness, says Per Gullander.

Membership in 2021 is free. Read more about the forum here.