8 new project ideas for sustainable production from the Swedish Manufacturing R&D Clusters

8 new project ideas for sustainable production from the Swedish Manufacturing R&D Clusters


The Swedish Manufacturing R&D Clusters has for over ten years successfully developed industry-relevant R&D for competitive production. Now the different clusters work together to develop project ideas for a more sustainable production.

The Swedish Manufacturing R&D Clusters consist of eight sub-clusters with different areas of expertise, with members from institutes, academia and industry. Everyone was welcome to the workshop held on September 28th, to develop new project ideas linked to sustainable production.
- We have long wanted to increase cooperation across cluster boundaries, and now we do it when we address the climate challenges that we so urgently need to address. Then there is a need for increased collaboration between the cluster's competence areas - we who know production are important players in reducing climate impact, says Boel Wadman, senior researcher at RISE and cluster coordinator.
The goal for the day was to create project ideas across cluster boundaries, with several industry participants and researchers working across industries or across disciplines.

Here is the result – 8 project ideas for sustainable production

If you are interested in contributing to any of the projects, do not hesitate to contact the persons responsible for each project idea.

1. Design for sustainability through new methods of preparation
Contact: Sandra Mattson, RISE

2. Sustainability index production equipment: Increased service life and reduced resource and energy consumption
Contact: Charlotte Ireholm, RISE

3. Material supply of the production system: material recycling, remanufacturing and additive manufacturing
Contact: Martin Kurdve, RISE

4. Process development and quality are bridged through digitization and AI
Contact: Eva Troell, RISE


5. Minimize lead time through better production data
Contact: Per Gullander, RISE
6. Automation solutions to help with challenges with industrial waste
Contact: Magnus Widfeldt, RISE
7. Upscaling and downscaling of production and impact on logistics
Contact: Ulrika Harlin, RISE

8. Introduction of sustainable materials, production development and joining of UHS
Contact: Johan Berglund, RISE