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The Swedish Manufacturing R&D Clusters


The Swedish Manufacturing R&D Clusters is an organisation with the objective to identify and initiate common areas for research that will strengthen the competitiveness of all manufacturing companies in Sweden

The role of the clusters is, besides initiating and performing research within advanced manufacturing, to communicate results from finished and ongoing projects to a larger part of the cluster companies, and to forecast new trends and technology of importance for sustainable production within the specific cluster area.

Today there are 8 clusters focusing on different manufacturing expert areas. Four of the clusters cover manufacturing processes and four clusters cover areas that support all manufacturing processes.

Working method
The clusters meet regularly, and the members can influence how the resources for coordination will be used for the coming year, for example what themes the dissemination and forecasting activities should focus on. The resources are to be used with the interest and open to all active cluster members and should not be used in the benefit of a single company.

Examples on activities that can be performed

  • Webinars and dissemination activities of project results and trends
  • Expert seminars within new areas
  • Arrangement of study visits
  • State-of-the-art analyses within areas of importance to the cluster
  • Idea workshops for national or international project funding


Our clusters

Digital manufacturing cluster

Forming and Joining cluster

Geometry and quality cluster

Component manufacturing cluster

Logistics cluster

Assembly cluster

Production management cluster

Surface treatment and paint cluster


More information on the clusters

Presentation on cluster activities

Strategic agenda 8th edition


Do you want to take part in the cluster strategic work?

Boel Wadman, RISE,

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