P63: Metrology and Properties of Engineering Surfaces #4

P63: Metrology and Properties of Engineering Surfaces #4

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Startdatum: 5 november 2024

Lärosäte: Högskolan i Halmstad

Målgrupp: Industri, Doktorand

Senaste anmälningsdag: 6 oktober 2024
Platser: 9 lediga (av 14)

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Denna kurs är för dig som vill utforska möjligheterna inom metrologi och karakterisering av funktionella ytor. Praktiska tillämpningar inom ditt eget område utgör grunden för olika kursmoment.

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The course aims to provide a basic understanding of contact and non-contacting metrology technologies (line-profiling, areal integrating as well as areal-topography methods) with focus on characterization of surface texture including geometrical form, waviness, roughness and imperfections.

Intended learning outcomes

After completion of the course the course participant should be able to

Course organisation

Three days of lectures and workshops including hands-on applications with different metrology instruments and software for surface analysis. The participants are expected to bring their own samples of interest as measuring objects.


A successful completion of this course will be evaluated on the following:

Fee for late drop-out

This course is included in the Produktion2030 program, and it is therefore free of charge for PhD student members of Graduate School Produktion2030. However, in case of drop-out later than 3 weeks before course start, a fee of 1 000 SEK per course credit will be charged the student’s home institution.


19 oktober 2021 - 21 oktober 2021