David Sarancic

David Sarancic

MSc Mechanical Engineering

Tel: +45 50 28 85 00

The project is focused on Product-Service Systems and Circular Economy. A part of the Manufacturing Academy Denmark (MADE FAST) programme in collaboration with Aasted ApS.

Industrial PhD at the Department of Engineering Design and Product Development at Danish Technical University. The PhD started on 1.10.2020 under the mentorship of prof. Tim McAloone and associate prof. Daniela Pigosso. A background in mechanical engineering and manufacturing technology from the University of Zagreb and Aalborg University.


The overall objective of the PhD project is to design and develop a framework to aid decision-making when defining, configuring and offering sustainable PSS solutions.

The key project milestones are identified as:

  1. Develop and test a tool to measure service readiness of existing products.
  2. Build and evaluate a generic guide for Design for Sustainable PSS.
  3. Develop and validate a model to assist the creation of PSS business models.