Cluster Production management

The production management cluster highlights the overall role of the production system for the competitiveness and industrial adaptability of the future. Our common goal is ‘sustainable and competitive production systems through innovation and conversion capacity’ where production strategies, production development, industrialization and daily operation are in focus.

Important success factors for industrial development are to take a holistic approach. This means taking environmental, human/social and economic aspects into account at the same time in development work and in major changes. Cross-functional collaboration is needed for adaptability  with knowledge of technology, digitalization, processes, circular economy, work organization, leadership, competence provision, lifelong and organizational learning, work environment and other aspects. In addition, for  innovation capacity  resulting in new products, technologies, business models, supply chains, strategic partnerships in value chains, factory development, network collaboration, etc.


Priority research areas

Production strategies

Production Development & Industrialization

Daily operation


Cluster members

Astra Zeneca, FKG, Scania, AB Volvo, Volvo Cars, KTH, MdH, RISE, ProduktionsLyftet, Chalmers, Jönköping University​
The cluster welcomes more companies! Please contact ut for more information.



Chairman: Anders Johansson, Scania
Coordinator: ​Ulrika Harlin, RISE


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