P01: Production Innovation #04

P01: Production Innovation #04

7.5 credits
Start Date: 23 October 2019

University: Jönköping University, Linköping University, Luleå University of Technology

Target group: PhD Student, Industry

Academy: Product Development Academy (PDA) Production Academy

Last day of registration: 30 September 2019
Spots: 17 left (of 25)

The last day of application has already passed.

The course provides insight into production challenges and innovative production solutions at a large number of manufacturing companies that serve as inspiration and live cases (e.g. SSAB, Sandvik, Gnosjö companies).

Warm welcome to an introductory course specially designed for Production2030.

For you as a PhD students, the course provides guidance and support in your doctoral studies in production and innovation by combining these research areas and present new perspectives. You choose your own areas to focus on, preferably linked to your PhD student project. In addition, the course provides good opportunities for creating long-term relationships and networks in academia and industry.

I learned about the breadth of innovation, and how the type of innovation makes a huge difference and can be a critical element in companies’ strategies

Planned course events 2019-2020

Oct 23-24 Luleå

Introduction to Production Innovation. Trends in future production. Creativity and innovation. Examples from industry and study visits at companies that think new and differently in production.

Dec 4-5 Jönköping & Hillerstorp, Gnosjö

More about innovation – what is it – and what importance does it have in industry. Knowledge-intensive product and production development through visits to Jönköping University and Automation Småland.

Jan 29-30 Stockholm

AI for production and future production innovation focusing on manufacturing and re-manufacturing of electronic components for IT. Collaboration Industry – Academia. Work on your own project.

Feb 12-13 Online

Seminar on individual projects (about 2 hours per person/group).

Mar 23-24 Norrköping

Presentation of individual projects with a final conference for the participants at the Museum of Work.

For doctoral students, the course is 7.5 credits. For participants from companies, it is a diploma course where scope, in addition to the course events, is determined individually. Course content is stated on diploma. Examination is based on active participation and individual work consisting of reading, project with oral and written project reporting as well as written reflection after each meeting. The course is given in English although some parts may be in Swedish. The course is part of Produktion2030 graduate school. Cost for company participants 12 500 kr. Course-planned dinners (at start and finish), lunches and coffee is included.

Travel expenses to and from course events and accommodation is paid by the participants.

The company visits showed different approaches to innovations and were thus quite helpful for the course

Sign up here. Limited number of participants.

Questions? Please contact course responsible Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck, anna.ohrwall.ronnback@ltu.se, Kerstin Johansen, kerstin.johansen@ju.se, or course assistant Lisa Larsson, lisa.larsson@ltu.se.


23 October 2019 10:30 - 24 October 2019 13:00

LTU, Hus A, ingång A1 (Map)

4 December 2019 13:30 - 5 December 2019 18:30

Jönköping, JU (Map)

29 January 2020 13:30 - 30 January 2020 16:00

Stockholm & Södertälje (Map)

12 February 2020 - 13 February 2020

Web-based seminar (2 h/participant)

23 March 2020 13:30 - 24 March 2020 16:00

Norrköping, Arbetets museum (Map)



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