Produktion2030’s 10-Year Anniversary Conference

Produktion2030’s 10-Year Anniversary Conference

The Beginning Of A New Era In Manufacturing

Welcome to Produktion2030’s 10yrs conference

For ten years Produktion2030 has had major impact on manufacturing research, innovation, and education in Sweden. This conference will set the stage for the next ten years, the beginning of a new era! We will also talk to people who have been part of the journey so far, and show results.

Produktion2030 focuses on the major challenges in the manufacturing industry. To solve these – and increase our sustainability and competitiveness – we gathers actors across industry and research!

Collaboration is our key to success!

Manufacturing industry has always been early adopters of technological development and innovation.

Emerging technologies, also called deep tech, are rapidly being implemented in industry.

New deep tech technologies are at the core of the new European Innovation agenda and new skills are needed to implement deep tech.

Meet the experts from the European commission and academia.

Join us in in the new era of manufacturing!

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