ResCoM konferens

ResCoM konferens

ResCoM Conference 2017 organiseras som en del av spridningsaktiviteter för det EU-finansierade projektet ResCoM - "Transformering av avfall till högvärdesresurs genom slutna produktsystem"

ResCoM Conference 2017 is being organized as part of dissemination activities for the EC funded project ResCoM- “Transforming waste into high value resource through closed-loop product systems”. This project has been running for four years under EC’s FP-7 programme resulting in developments aimed at facilitating the industry in its transition to closed-loop or circular manufacturing. More details on the project can be found on

This whole day event, on the 23rd of October 2017 at KTH in Stockholm, aims to bring together professionals from academia, research and industry to listen to the ResCoM team on its journey of developments for manufacturing industry’s transition to closed-loop or circular manufacturing. The event will provide both the participants and the ResCoM team to exchange views, share their experience and vision on circular manufacturing systems. At the same time it’ll give an opportunity of networking to explore avenues of further collaboration on the topic of circular industrial systems in the context of circular economy.


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