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PDA Future Workshop

PDA Future Workshop

Welcome to participate at the Product Development Academy workshop at Lund University to build product development research in Sweden for the next 20 years to come!

The Product Development Academy was founded in 2016 in collaboration between eight universities. With the aim to build capability for the future of product development in Sweden through strong academic-industry networks, we continue the work initiated more than 20 years ago, which resulted in research programs such as ENDREA and ProViking, financed by Swedish research agencies including SSF and Vinnova.

Lund University is part of the expansive Öresund region, with exciting science and industry projects including the world-class MAX IV and ESS facilities. Join us in a workshop on November 30 to continue our work to shape the future of product development research through collaboration and outreach.

Location: Department of Design Sciences, Designcentrum/IKDC, LTH, Lund
Time: The programme will run from 9am to 5pm on November 30, with a welcome dinner in the evening of November 29 in recognition of the start of the ENDREA programme, 20 years ago. Target group: Industrial and academic participants in the area of engineering product development.
Cost: The workshop is free of charge.

Please save the date – more information including programme and registration details will follow in due course.


The founder group
Blekinge Institute of Technology: Tobias Larsson
Chalmers: Ola Isaksson
Jönköping University: Fredrik Elgh
Mälardalen University: Glenn Johansson and Björn Fagerström
Linköping University: Johan Ölvander
Luleå University of Technology: Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck
Lund University: Anders Warell
Royal Institute of Technology: Sofia Ritzén




Department of Design Sciences, Designcentrum/IKDC, LTH, Lund