OpenModelica/MODPROD Workshops 2019

Välkommen till den årliga MODPROD-konferensen som ordnas av Linköpings universitet - Center for Model-Based Cyber-Physical Product Development.

Dessa workshops hålls på engelska.

The Center for Model-Based Cyber-Physical Product Development (MODPROD) is an interdisciplinary research center at the Linköping University.

The mission of the MODPROD center is to conduct front-line applied research in model-based product development addressing problems such as shorter life cycles, higher demands on flexibility and quality, and shorter time-to-market from product design to  production of finished products. This requires increased usage of software/hardware system modeling, life-cycle management, and simulation technology for virtual prototyping and model-based strategic planning.

The workshops are concerned with, but not limited to, the following themes:

MODPROD Workshop

OpenModelica Annual Workshop

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