P10: Hållbar utveckling #3

P10: Hållbar utveckling #3

4.0 HP
Startdatum: 1 augusti 2021

Lärosäte: Chalmers tekniska högskola, Linköpings universitet

Målgrupp: Industri, Doktorand

Senaste anmälningsdag: 1 augusti 2021
Platser: 18 lediga (av 25)

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Kursen syftar till att öka medvetenheten om hållbarhet i allmänhet via ett livscykelperspektiv och mer djupgående m.a.p. de sociala-, miljömässiga- och ekonomiska aspekterna inom varje deltagares forskningsområde. Att genomföra effektiv hållbarhetsforskning kommer att leda till hållbar utveckling!

Kursen ges på engelska.

Target group

PhD Students mainly, other applicants may be welcome if there is space.

Fee for industrial members

5000 SEK


The course addresses a life cycle perspective of sustainability in general, and in specifics from three viewpoints—environmental, social, economic. The core area of work for each PhD student will be their own research domain while addressing sustainability from a life cycle perspective and in each dimension of the triple bottom line. The PhD students will identify and connect relevant societal challenges to their own research topics in order to strengthen their understanding of the wider sustainability implications within their field. The written and presented material will be useful for papers and theses in a near future, especially in regards to societal challenges and UN goals relevant for their research.

Course organisation

Three physical meetings are planned (lunch to lunch), in addition to work in-between the meetings.



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