Innovation och värdeskapande inom forskning #04

Innovation och värdeskapande inom forskning #04

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Startdatum: 28 februari 2023

Lärosäte: Lunds universitet

Målgrupp: Doktorand

Akademi: Product Development Academy (PDA)

Senaste anmälningsdag: 15 februari 2023
Platser: 25 lediga (av 25)

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Idag behöver en forskare inte bara ta itu med de viktiga vetenskapliga frågorna. En forskare ska också kunna ha ett vidare perspektiv på utnyttjandet av forskningsresultat och deras nytta för samhället. Den här kursen hjälper dig som doktorand att sätta in ditt forskningsprojekt i ett vidare sammanhang och ge dig insikter i processerna för innovation och kreativitet.

Denna kursen ges på engelska. 


General information about the course

A course organised for all PhD students at LTH, Science faculty and Medical faculty with support from LU Innovation system.

Today a researcher not only needs to address the important scientific questions. A researcher should also be able to have a wider perspective on the utilization of research results and their benefits for society. This course will help you as PhD student to put your research project into a wider context, and give you insights into the processes for innovation and creativity.


Aim of the course

The aim of this course is to broaden the idea about what innovation is, and to equip PhD students with tools and process, ”innovation and value creation lenses” needed to be able put their research in a utilization and societal perspective. This will stimulate the transfer of research results to society, and contribute to enhanced innovation and cooperation between academia, investors, business society and society as whole.

The course is held during six full days within 2 weeks time, focusing on research based innovation and idea generation, covering the following topics:

During the course, one group assignment and two individual projects related to the individual’s research project will be performed.

In other words – this course prepares you for a successful career in academia or industry.



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