Sofia Schön

Sofia Schön

Ph.D. Student in Systems of Systems

My research focuses on modeling and simulation of Systems of Systems. I bring a crossdisciplinary, aimfully transdisciplinary, approach to studying socio-technical systems.

I know nothing about a lot, and pursue a life of systems thinking.

I value open-mindedness, critical thinking and a holistic systems view. I enjoy lively discussions to disseminate and advance research in a way such that humans, nature and technology can live in symbiosis.


Systems-of-Systems (SoS) are characterized by a constellation of systems that are collaborating to achieve additional capabilities that cannot be fulfilled by a single system alone. Often humans are involved as decisionmakers, stakeholders, or operators increasing the complexity of the SoS. Our society is constituted of many SoS that we use frequently in our daily lives as well as play essential roles for our societal functions.

My research is focused on finding methods or guidelines for modeling SoS at all system levels while using the appropriate model fidelity. I work mainly with agent-based modeling on the high levels of the SoS and multidisciplinary modeling for the constituent systems. Choosing the appropriate level of complexity is central for all types of modeling, whether it is within engineering, biology, medicine, or any other field working with models. Therefor I am expanding the view beyond engineering to see how model complexity is looked at and managed in other domains. I believe that cross-domain work is essential for future technology where systems that have never collaborated before are now being interconnected.