Peter Hallberg

Peter Hallberg

Industrial PhD

Tel: 0768248007

Lärosäte/Institut: Örebro universitet

Är ISO certifiering bara ett papper på väggen för att man måste eller leder det ändå till förbättringar när det väl är implementerat.

Peter is the fonder of Scandinavian Business Certification AB and has the role as Lead Auditor and Assessment manager and performs around 60 assessment days a year according to ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001.
He has worked in the certification business for more than 10 years,  mostly in Sweden but have done a couple of audits in UK, Danmark, Finland, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia.

He has worked in construction business for more than 15 years and that there he started his career. He has also worked with education, project leading, industrial water purification, management consulting, etc.

Peter has a Bachelor in leadership and organisation (Sociology) from Linné University and a Master in Sociology from Lund University.


Peter are looking at the outcome from documented management systems (DMS) like ISO 9001 for quality or ISO 14001 environment. His experience is that nearly all organisations get their ISO certification due to customer demands. But in the other way after implementation and with that a demand to keep the system working, it helps them to improve their business.