Business models for more advanced services

How can small and medium-sized firms revise their business models to sell advanced product-services together with large companies?

Manufacturing companies across various industries are increasingly moving toward offering more advanced services. This requires they change their business models. This transition shifts their logic from being goods-dominant to being service-dominant and open up new opportunities for sales and revenues. Several needs, including product differentiation, competitive advantage, new/recurring revenue stream, and profitability have driven this significant transformational change. This change poses problems for SMEs, but also large opportunities, for example as specialized niche suppliers to larger firms.


The purpose of the workshop is to promote discussion about how SMEs can develop and successfully change their business model through selling advanced services. We put a particular focus on collaboration between SMEs and large companies, and also on how companies can contribute to more sustainable production. We will discuss current key challenges and how to address these. The intention with the workshop is to learn from both academia and industry, and create an opportunity for an informal exchange of knowledge and ‘networking’.

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