Project time: 2020 – 2023

Budget: 9 300 000 SEK

Funding: Mistra Innovation 23

In order to meet the national requirements within the Swedish building sector you must have a cost efficient, scalable and integrated solution for heating, cooling and electricity.

SmartSol is a continuation of an earlier project within Mistra Innovation.

The plan is to continue developing different hybrid-solutions for the geothermal solutions including both higher energy efficiency and lower investment costs, all while the space needed for drilled energy-wells are smaller.

This will, hopefully, then lead to a sunhybridsystem that can contribute to a more modern options for energysolution even for larger properties.

This project is a cooperation between KTH, Megawatt Solutions Nordic AB, Bength Dahlgren Stockholm Geo AB, and Solhybrid i Småland AB.

Participating researcher(s)