Industrial Water in the Automotive Industry

Industrial Water in the Automotive Industry

Project time: 2021 – 2023

Budget: 11 100 000 kr

Recirculation of water in the automotive industry to decrease the consumption of tap water, chemicals, and energy.

The goal of the project is to significantly reduce the freshwater consumption in the automotive industry. The metal manufacturing industry, principal end user of this project, employs large amounts of water as a constituent in processes like machining, washing and heat treatments. Many of the manufacturing companies separate the processed water from process fluids for an efficient waste handling but it is not a common practice to recirculate the water within their processes.  Recirculation of water can provide the industry with more sustainable and efficient processes meanwhile attacking an important issue regarding water scarcity. The project aims towards an optimization of water usage through a smart water treatment coupled with appropriate in-line water quality controls to minimize consumption of fresh water, chemicals, energy, and generation of waste. A Life Cycle Analysis to evaluate the environmental impact and a guideline for water recirculation will be elaborated.