The Production Leap

The Production Leap

The Production Leap offers companies with 30 to 250 employees (in special cases up to 500) support in their practical change process, with Lean as the starting point. Our vision is to contribute to the companies’ progress towards effective production and a strong, sustainable capacity for change. After the Production Leap’s involvement, the companies shall have the strength and commitment to drive the Lean process further on their own, based on the principle “help-to-self-help”.

The Production Leap’s work during 2010-2012 is aimed at creating permanent changes, based on Lean, in eighty selected medium-large manufacturing companies. The basic concept is from help to self-help, where the company’s own forces seize on the principles, methods and knowledge in order to drive on the process further with great efficiency.

Target group

The target group is companies with 30-250 employees (in special cases up to 500), operating in the traditional manufacturing industry.


The Production Leap applies a standardized and well-tested process that lasts for eighteen months, called “The Wave” (picture below). Success has been documented in the roughly 60 companies that have participated previously. However, it is a precondition for success that the company is prepared to reappraise its operations and to work hard.

For more information, please contact the
Production Leap’s Program Director:
Birgitta Öjmertz
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