Jelena Kurilova-Palisaitiene

Jelena Kurilova-Palisaitiene

Research Fellow (Bitr. universitetslektor): Lean, Remanufacturing, Production system, Circular economy

My research helps companies to initiate remanufacturing on their original products by focusing of production system, business model, product, and customer. By applying lean principles and practices a more efficient remanufacturing can be achieved.

Jelena is a motivated and positive researcher, teacher, entrepreneur and colleague. Her passion outside professional work is to travel and dance. Jelena possesses high lean attitude in every day life.


Jelena has an industrial experience of lean manufacturing and an academic competence in a production system where remanufacturing is treated as one of the best value-retention processes within the resource recirculation strategies for technical products. During her doctoral studies (2013–2018), she focused on developing appropriate lean improvements for challenges in the remanufacturing process. Jelena has expertise in production systems and business models for remanufacturing, she focuses on how to shift to remanufacturing – the Remanufacturization journey.
Jelena has worked in several national and international research projects: KEAP (2013-2016), Åter Produkt (2013-2016), ElevatoRe (2018-2019) and ongoing ARR (2018-2020), SE: Kond2LIFE (2019-2022) and Remometer (2020-2021).