The Product Development Academy’s (PDA) Newsletter No.6, Autumn 2019

The Product Development Academy’s (PDA) Newsletter No.6, Autumn 2019


With report from the 7th conference on Engineering education in Sweden, ICED in Delft 2019, and invitations to PhD courses among other information from the Swedish Product Development Academy.

Engineering education in Sweden

On 27-28 November 2019, the 7th conference on Engineering education in Sweden was held at Luleå University of Technology (see exhibition 1). Several topics were addressed, and one focused on how education programs should meet the challenges related to sustainable development and digitalization. PDA was represented and Prof Anders was Warell one of the speakers. The title of the paper he presented (written together with colleagues) was ‘Exploring Product Form Teaching within Engineering Design Education’.

Exhibition 1: The 7th conference on Engineering education at Luleå University of Technology. (Photographer: Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck)

Future direction of product development research and education

The report from the workshop on Industry Trends to 2040 – Future Research and Education in Product Development that was held at Chalmers last year is in the final stage. It will outline insights regarding trends in society, business and technology that affects product development research and education. It will also include ideas for actions needed to meet these trends. A teaser version was presented at the ICED19 conference in Delft.

PhD activities

The course Production Innovation P01 (7,5hp) is currently running and will end in late March 2020.

The PhD course, P13 EPD: Sustainability in Engineering Product Development (5 hec), will run during winter/autumn 2020 including three meetings:

February 6-7, 12:00-12:00 (KTH, Stockholm)

March 5-6, 12:00-12:00 (MDH, Eskilstuna)

April 23-24, 12:00-12:00 (BTH, Karlskrona). Newsletter 6, Autumn 2019

Course syllabus is available here under Courses, or at: ore/p/all-courses-250645/p13-epd-sustainability-in-engineering-product-development-5hp-718726 and registration is due December 20, 2019 via the same web page.

Contacts: Sophie Hallstedt,; Glenn Johansson,; Sofia Ritzén,

The PhD course, P61 Engineering Product Development (EDP): Modeling Simulation and Optimization in the Engineering Product Development Process (5 hec) will run March to May, 2020:

March 3, 15.00 (web)

March 23-24 Chalmers

followed by session at BTH and finally Linköping in late May.

Contacts: Ola Isaksson,; Tobias Larsson; Johan Ölvander

The course P09 EPD: Engineering Management (5 hec) will start 24 August, 2020. More info about the above-mentioned courses and other courses can be found within Graduate School Produktion2030 and here at Kunskapsförmedlingen


The 2019 International Conference of Engineering Design, ICED19, conference was held on 5-8 Aug at TU Delft. The main theme was ‘Responsible design for our future’. Several PDA members participated and presented research results.

It is a pleasure to announce that the next conference, ICED21, will be held in Göteborg, Sweden during August 2021. The conference is hosted by Chalmers with Professor Ola Isaksson as chair of the Organizing Committee. The conference is supported by PDA. For further info please go to:

The Swedish Production Symposium (SPS2020) will also be organized together with the PDA. The theme is ‘Knowledge-Intensive Product Realisation in Co-operation for Future Sustainable Competitiveness’ and is scheduled to 21-24 April, 2020 at Jönköping University. For more information, visit

The 16th International Conference on Design (Design 2020) is scheduled to 18-21 May, 2020 in Cavtat- Dubrovnik, Croatia.

NordDesign 2020 will be held at DTU, Copenhagen, Denmark during11-14 August, 2020.

Membership and upcoming events and

If you are interested to become a member of the PDA network, go to the PDA web and sign in via ‘Contacts’.


The PDA Board wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!