The theme of the Cluster Conference 2023: “Circularity – next manufacturing challenges”

The theme of the Cluster Conference 2023: “Circularity – next manufacturing challenges”


Lack of materials, global climate and energy crisis associated with electrification - sounds awfully current, doesn't it? Swedish industry is facing major challenges. Therefore, we are pleased to invite you to one of the year's most important and networking conferences in the manufacturing industry - the Cluster Conference 2023.

Everybody is talking about circularity – which also is the theme of this year’s Cluster Conference! Interesting talks about how production is affected by increased circularity, what challenges we have in terms of recycled materials, how we can automate remanufacturing and guarantee the amount of residual products for industrial symbiosis and circular economy, will be held.


Wide range of speakers

As in previous years, there will be inspirational lectures from institutes and academia, but also concrete presentations from both small and large manufacturers in Swedish industry who share their biggest challenges and how they build business around the circular economy. One of our keynote speakers, Christoffer Wahlborg from Stena Recycling, has over ten years of experience in delivering recycling services to a number of key players in the automotive industry in Sweden. With first-hand experience of the transition to a circular economy where ‘waste’ has become a true resource – this has proven to be one of the key areas to achieve climate neutrality.

Book in 9-10th of May to take part of the Cluster Conference, which this year takes place at Södertälje Science Park.

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