PM1: Forskningskommunikation steg 1 – grundläggande #9 – UPPSKJUTEN till hösten 2020

PM1: Forskningskommunikation steg 1 – grundläggande #9 – UPPSKJUTEN till hösten 2020

2.0 HP
Startdatum: 17 mars 2020

Lärosäte: Högskolan i Halmstad

Målgrupp: Industri, Doktorand

Akademi: Product Development Academy (PDA) Produktionsakademien

Senaste anmälningsdag: 9 mars 2020

Sista anmälningsdagen är redan passerad.

Kursen ger dig verktyg för att du ska vara väl förberedd för att kommunicera din forskning till icke-experter. Vi använder en intervju och kamera för att testa dina färdigheter. Denna kunskap är användbar i all kommunikation, till exempel för att försöka övertyga finansiärer och / eller företag om ditt projekt. Men också för att förbereda presentationer, intervjuer i media eller undervisning. För att få en professionell meddelandebank i ett konkret forskningsprojekt rekommenderar vi även den avancerade kursen - steg två.

Kursen är redan fullbokad.

Kursen ges på engelska.

Target group

For those who knows very little or nothing about communication.

It is necessary, important and essential for researchers in academia and industry to know how to explain complicated research to non-experts. You have to be able to reach different target groups with your messages to get an understanding about the importance of your work. It can be a presentation for collaboration, for decision makers or financiers for funding. It can also be an interview in media to the general public (the taxpayers) or politicians.


No previous knowledge or experience is required to attend.


Participants will get advice and training on how to interact and present R&D to non-experts.


Graduate students and industry are offered a fundamental course in how to communicate research.

You will get advice and training how to interact and how to present R&D to non-experts. We use camera and interviews to test your skills. You will get a toolbox with concrete tips and advices to be well prepared for efficient communication, also very useful for lecturers. Our aim is that the participants should get a good knowledge about how to prepare a presentation or an interview. We practice your skills by using camera and interviews, so you know how to handle this situation. You will also have to write an approved, short (10-12 lines), kind of press release.


This is a two half day course. We begin day one at 11 a.m. until 18.00 p.m. Day two is from 09.00 a.m. until 14.00 p.m. The idea is that the participants, between day one and two, should think about how to create messages and how do a better interview the second day. As a preparation the participants must write a press release to the course leader to weeks before the media training.


As an examination the participants will write an approved press release about their research and perform an approved interview.


17 mars 2020 11:00 - 18 mars 2020 14:00

To be decided