P02: Internationell Produktion #04 – Korea (CANCELLED)

P02: Internationell Produktion #04 – Korea (CANCELLED)

7.5 HP
Startdatum: 1 oktober 2020

Lärosäte: Högskolan i Halmstad

Målgrupp: Industri, Doktorand

Akademi: Produktionsakademien

Senaste anmälningsdag: 1 oktober 2020
Platser: 20 lediga (av 20)

Sista anmälningsdagen är redan passerad.

Denna uppskattade kurs kommer i teori och praktik att utveckla deltagarens färdigheter i att analysera och jämföra produktutveckling och produktionssystem i olika länder. Deltagarna kommer att besöka såväl svenska som internationella företag och på en teoretisk bas, analysera och diskutera produktutveckling och produktion ur ett globalt perspektiv.

Kursen ges på engelska.

Due to the certain situation, this course is cancelled.

A specific application must be submitted before November 16th 2020 Use this link


A Master’s degree in engineering or currently enrolled as a PhD student in a relevant theme. Selection of participants will be based on the individual application, submitted before application deadline. Selection is based on previous experience in particular regarding the research topic and progress as well as participation in other Production 2030 courses.


The course aims through study visits to manufacturing companies in at least two countries compare and evaluate different production conditions concerning, inter alia, culture, management and leadership, technology, automation level, cost breakdowns, etc., i.e. to create an in depth understanding of product development and production from a global perspective.

Course organisation

Three meetings before the field trip ranging from 2-3 days. One longer visit (dates TBD) and a follow up presentation/reunion day 1 day. In total 5 meetings. All meetings will include field trips and networking events with local industry and researchers. Each course participant will be assigned a theme group where the participant will work on a theme relating to both her/his research topic and the theme region to be visited. Further all participants will be included in groups responsible for:


A successful completion of this course will be judged on the following: