Tero Stjernstoft

Tero Stjernstoft

Tekn. Dr.

Programme Manager at Vinnova – Sweden’s innovation agency, Industrial Technologies Division

Starting from materials science I was forced to read a lot when I changed discipline to production engineering. Another major change was from aero industry to auto industry. I like challenges so this was not a problem but an opportunity for me.
My first job during undergraduate studies was actually in an IT company, but I found people more interesting to work with. Luckily my thirst of working with computers has been kept alive thanks’ to many computer systems-related projects.
I loved teaching at the university. Especially I loved to map academic disciplines to industrial relevance, something I did as a director of studies at KTH. Even more challenging pedagogy was however needed when I worked as Lean Production coach. Theory needed connection to company’s business plan.
I guess somewhere there I stand today, on the no man’s land of multi-disciplines, semi-science and pre-industrial.


Lean Production, Industrialization, Manufacturing, Product realization, Production methods, Production systems, Computer systems for design and manufacturing, Machining, Production planning and Control.