Silas Ng’habi

MA International Business

While pursuing my master's degree at the University of Dar es Salaam, I opted on part time International Management Consulting with exposure in Corporate Finance, Structured Financial Instruments and Investment. This experience have created a passion in me develop studies and pre-feasibility studies that will help my country, to transform the economy into mid-level economy. Therefore, a merit in developing knowledge related to multinational enterprises and assessment of organizational behaviors and competitiveness among domestic and multinational companies has grown as my future research interest.

Silas Wilbert Ng’habi; International Business Manager, with over 16 years Marketing, Trade, and Investment in private sector and international development.  He is trained in Global G.A.P, Accredited Food Safety Lead Auditor by International Registrar of Certified Auditors (IRCA-UK) and total quality management (TQM) from HBM Smart University (Dubai, UAE). From 2011-2021, he specialized in strengthening market linkages, promoting trade, access to finance, institutional strengthening, and youth inclusion. As Chief of Party of ACDI/VOCA – USAID/ NAFAKA II Tanzania he managed $17 million project managed the team as large as 70 staff. From 2015 – 2017 as a Senior Director for ACDI/VOCA he successfully facilitated technical support and capacity building of 330 producer groups, cooperatives, private enterprises and multinational companies to develop structured trading systems. Mr. Ng’habi is has also experience in start-up project management including the recent assignment with Tetra Tech ARD, the USAID PSSA in Southern Agricultural Corridor of Tanzania SAGCOT region. He is currently possession of a Master of International Business from the University of Dar es Salaam, Business School and a B.A., Microfinance & Community Economic Development from Uganda Martyrs University. Noteworthy, he was awarded by WEEC-Turin for design of the Eco-tourism project in Lake Victoria in 2006. His work recently published in the Booklet of World Environmental Education Congress (2019):  Additionally, he engaged in PPP projects as active facilitator of EU – SADC intervention, specifically, the EU – Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS- EU TASP II, 2013) and as a Food Safety Technical Advisor for   food enterprises under SMES Competitiveness facility in collaboration with DANIDA SMEs Facility (SCF, 2008 – 2009). Noteworthy, is the ex-ante project design of an Eco-tourism project in Lake Victoria – (2006), recently published in the Booklet of World Environmental Education Congress (2019): He participated in harmonization of standards for EAC/SADC in collaboration with Chamber of Commerce. Noteworthy, is the EU – Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS- EU TASP) design of monitoring indicators.  Mr. Nthabi’s sample writing can be available at; UNIDO Conference for Sharing Innovative Agribusiness Solutions: Providing Know-How and Finance’ “- UNIDO Vienna; in Cairo, Egypt 2008. Noteworthy, he was an awardee by WEEC-Turin for design of the Eco-tourism project in Lake Victoria in 2006. His work recently published in the Booklet of World Environmental Education Congress (2019):   Other recent work include, the Project Evaluation of: “Strengthening Regional Grain Markets” 2014-2019 Implemented by Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC) phase II, in EAC, beneficiary: Sida – Regional Office, Ethiopia:     And:


Mr. Nghabi’s  main interest is to do further research study in exploring Strategic Management in Services and Operations Management, Entrepreneurship in both national domestic multi-domestic and Enterprises (MNE). He is interested to look into organizational behaviors and strategies of companies leading to innovations in production and delivery of services. He is pleasant in pursuing PhD Program that matches my interest. I will be flexible on commencement date and teaching topics. His will require academic advice and guidance on his preferences in international business include the following topics listed below.

  1. a) Firms, Governance and Institutions
  1. b) Business and Competition
  1. c) Technology & Innovation.

He looks forward to exploring on factors that stimulate organizations application of strategic management and innovations will trigger efficiency in production and markets as key to economic growth. Further, transformation of   mid-level economies and countries growth needs such qualities in institutions as; production efficiency, market efficiency, products efficiency (quality) and technological requirements. He has conviction that acquiring additional skills will impact on knowledge advancement for the enterprises in Tanzania and global.  On completion of his PhD, he will use the same knowledge to stimulate innovations and competitiveness in SMES for his home country Tanzania and impact national and regional competitiveness and create sustainable economic growth.