Jon Bokrantz

Jon Bokrantz

Researcher, PhD

Renewing the maintenance field through ground-breaking research!

Jon’s scholarly goal is to realize sustainable manufacturing by enabling high-performance maintenance operations in digitalized environments. His vision as a young scientist is to renew the maintenance field through ground-breaking research in close cooperation with industry. His unique strength is his passion for combining research excellence with industrial impact. He has a deep interest in empirical research methodology that spans both the practical problem-solving of engineering and the empirics of the social sciences. He has extensive experience in producing disruptive research results, leading innovative research projects, and delivering impactful knowledge, tools, and methods that inform theory, practice, and policy.


Motivated by the rapid digitalization of the manufacturing industry, Jon’s PhD research focused on increasing the understanding of how modernizing the maintenance function and operations impacts the performance of manufacturing plants today and in the future. Locally in Sweden, this is referred to as ‘Smart Maintenance’. His PhD research included developing and evaluating future scenarios for maintenance in Industry 4.0; conceptualizing Smart Maintenance and its four underlying dimensions: data-driven decision-making, human capital resource, internal integration, and external integration; developing a research agenda for industrial maintenance management in the digital era; developing and validating a psychometric instrument to empirically measure the four dimensions of Smart Maintenance; and demonstrating how Smart Maintenance is related to higher levels of maintenance performance and productivity of manufacturing plants.