Bernd Weiss

Bernd Weiss


Lärosäte/Institut: Luleå tekniska universitet

Akademi: Product Development Academy (PDA)

Search of circularity for reuse of spacecraft materials.

Bernd’s personal aim is to support the establishment of a sustainable human presence in outer space and to advance circular material flow in space and on Earth. He has extensive expertise and broad knowledge with a background in IT operations and management consulting of more than 20 years.


Bernd does research in Product Innovation and Space Systems. As a member of the CREATERNITY Graduate College he works on conceptualizing a solution to approach, collect, process, convert, store and transfer valuable material content of obsolete (often non-functioning) satellites for reuse in space. Bernd’s goal is to apply a cross-industry approach to investigate fundamental circular economy concepts which could potentially enable circularity in space as well.