Technichal Workshop in Product Innovation

Technichal Workshop in Product Innovation

In a world with quick changes there are big demands on enterprises to develop their production, not just for survival but also to contribute to a suistainable society. It is no longer about only improving the production that you have, but it is now also about being able to think in a new way and being able to catch the opportunities that are thrown your way. Find the innovative power within your production and begin the journey towards developping it to a profitable business.

Why me?
Have you proofed your production for the future? Do you use the creativity and competence of your co-workers to its full extent? Do you have an innovation perparedness that can make disruptions into profitable possibilities?

What is innovation?
Innovation, as opposed to ideas and inventions, is not solely about the development of innovative solutions, but also includes the development of the practical implementation of these. Because of this, it is significantly more important in real life to have a good innovative ability rather than only being equipped with the ability to produce innovative solutions. Of course, this also concerns producing businesses where product innovation has an important role to create a sustainable production. Through new perspectives and ways of working, product innovation can contribute to a more competitive, attractive and competence-developing agency.

What knowledge will I gain?

New perspectives on the role of the ability to produce within the producing company. You will get to actively participate and learn more about product innovation, different types of innovation and why it is so improtant to be able to handle them. You also get an insight into the practical examples on how businesses have handled different production challenges through innovative production-solutions as well as discuss with representatives from other enterprises.

The leaders of this workshop are Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck and Lisa Larsson from LTU.

Welcome to an inspiring workshop!



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Introduction to the workshop, presentation of participants and some Menti questions.


Production innovation with active participation and industrial examples.




Breakout 1: Your examples on production innovation.


Breakout 2: What furthers production innovation for you?


Breakout 3: Potential for improvement.




Summation and reflections. The next step.



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The workshop is free of charge but requires that you sign up.
Sign up at the latest on the 28th of October 2020 here.


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