Jon Bokrantz

Jon Bokrantz

PhD student

Smart Maintenance is a necessity to secure the future competitiveness of the Swedish manufacturing industry

Jon Bokrantz is a PhD student at the division of Production Systems. He has a background in production engineering and has conducted research on industrial maintenance management since 2014. In his work, Jon focusses on rigorous research in close collaboration with industry and disseminating the knowledge to firms in all sizes and industrial branches. Jon teaches in Production and Product Service Systems with the goal of inspiring and stimulating students to pursue a future career within Smart Maintenance.


Initially, Jon’s research focused on handling of production disturbances, data quality and the use of engineering tools and methods in maintenance organizations. Today, Jon focusses on securing the future competitiveness of Swedish manufacturing by realizing Smart Maintenance. His research forms the agenda for Smart Maintenance research by conceptualizing Smart Maintenance, empirically measuring Smart Maintenance and studying the performance implications of Smart Maintenance in manufacturing.


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