Fredrik Schultheiss

Fredrik Schultheiss

Ph.D. Production and Materials Engineering

Affiliation: Lunds universitet

Analysis and development of industrial production processes with special focus on machining.

Fredrik Schultheiss is an assistant professor at the division of production and materials engineering, Lund University. Fredrik received his Ph.D. in production and materials engineering 2013 from the same university with a dissertation on the machinability of ductile and strain hardening materials. His foremost expertize is on industrial manufacturing processes and in particular machining and related manufacturing systems.


Fredrik´s research primarily focuses on select manufacturing process, particularly machining operations and related manufacturing systems. The goal of the research is to attain an increased understanding of the fundamental process and its influence on the obtained technical, economical and sustainable results and effects.

Through understanding the production process it is possible to establish a link between used process parameters and obtained results which enables optimization of the production process. For example the effect of a new workpiece material can be evaluated and adequate changes of the process parameters could be implemented as a mean of optimizing the production process. A case in point is the ongoing research on phasing out lead as an alloying element. Lead is today added to cupper alloys as a mean of improving its machinability. New research indicate that through careful changes of the process parameters todays materials could advantageously be replaced with lead-free alternatives, a changes which constitutes one step on the route towards sustainable production.



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