Christina Windmark

Christina Windmark

PhD-student mechanical engineering

Affiliation: Lunds universitet

Develops industrial economic decision support to facilitate informed decisions in industry that leads efficient production. Participating in the research project SuReBPMS, with the aim of producing better production monitoring and measurement systems for producing companies.

Christina Windmark is a PhD student at Production and Materials egineering, Lund University, since October 2011. She completed her degree in mechanical engineering with specialization in production in August 2011. In addition to research, Christina teach in production systems and industrial production methods. She has also been engaged as PhD-student representative in one of the university’s research councils and at Swedish production Academy, representing PADOK (Swedish Production Academy Doctoral students).


The research is conducted within industrial economic decision support and aims to produce data and processes to enable businesses to make informed decisions that lead to more efficient production. Mainly the research is focused on the manufacturing economy. Currently, Christina is a project member in SuReBPMS, which aims to develop production monitoring system in the industry.


Christina has been a member of the project ProLoc, developing decision support for production location projects.



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