VIVA – the Virtual Vehicle Assembler

Project time: 2019 – 2022

Budget: 4 600 000 kronor

Funding: Fordonsteknisk forskning och innovation, FFI

The project will develop a demonstrator of a digital human modelling tool considering human diversity, to be used for design, optimisation, visualisation, and verification of vehicle assembly workstations.

The aim is to develop a tool that:
1) automatically can predict human behaviour considering dynamic effects and analyse human work in manual work stations from a musculoskeletal viewpoint.
2) automatically can optimise workstations where humans are supported with exoskeletons or collaborative robots.
3) considers human diversity in terms of appearance, shape, clothes, and safety equipment used during work.
4) easily can be understood, used and manipulated as well as adapted to recent developments within immersive VR and digital twin solutions.
Vinnovas dnr: 2018-05026

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