FEED – Fastener Excellence for Electrical Drivelines

Project time: 2019 – 2022

Budget: 3 150 000 kronor

Robust bolted joints for electrical vehicles

The electrification of vehicles places high technical requirements on safe electrical connections. Screw joints have traditionally been used in many applications to provide high clamping forces and thus low resistive losses. For mass-produced vehicles, challenges arise from everything from developing robust, standardized solutions to safety when installing and handling high-voltage systems (400-800V) both in the factory, for vehicle users and in the aftermarket.
The adaptation of production systems to assemble fully and partially electric powertrains is a major challenge, especially for heavy vehicles manufactured in smaller series and with large model variation.
The project is essentially a feasibility study to gather knowledge about electrically conductive screw joints, measuring methods and safety requirements. The project also intends to make an inventory of requirements and mounting methods for battery packs.
The aim is to get a clearer picture of the current situation, the needs of the automotive industry and to create a common nomenclature.
The results will be used immediately in the company’s product development, but will also be published regularly on an open website (www.sfnskruv.se).
Hopefully, the feasibility study can generate enough interesting ideas to justify a continuation in the field, with more knowledge building and specific development projects.

Vinnovas dnr: 2019-03120

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