PM2: Forskningskommunikation steg 2 – avancerad #2 POSTPONED

PM2: Forskningskommunikation steg 2 – avancerad #2 POSTPONED

2.0 HP
Startdatum: 1 augusti 2020

Lärosäte: Högskolan i Halmstad

Målgrupp: Doktorand, Industri

Akademi: Product Development Academy (PDA) Produktionsakademien

Senaste anmälningsdag: 1 augusti 2020
Platser: 4 lediga (av 4)

Sista anmälningsdagen är redan passerad.

Kursdeltagare erbjuds en avancerad kurs i hur man kommunicerar forskning.

Kursen uppskjuten till efter sommaren – prel. start i augusti/sept.

Kursen ges på engelska.

Target group

For those who knows a little about communication, but wants to sharpen their tools and skills to be convincing and successful in trying to reach different target groups, especially non-experts.

It is necessary, important and even essential for researchers in academia and industry to learn more about how to explain complicated research. It can be a presentation for a company, financiers, decision makers, politicians, colleagues, teaching or an interview in media. The best stage in this course is if you have reached that level in your research that it´s time for a public presentation.


PM1: Vetenskaplig kommunikation steg 1 – grundläggande
(PM1: Research Communication, Step 1 – Fundamental)


Participants is offered an advanced course in how to communicate research.


Graduate students and industry are offered an advanced course in how to communicate research. The big difference from the fundamental training is that this course sets the final goals much higher. For starters you will get help beforehand from the course leader to create suitable messages for your communication. These are to be used in different situations as presentations, interviews and so on. The messages should be newsworthy, interesting and comprehensible. Another big difference is that there´s only a short theoretical repetition, so most of the time we spend on communication training. We use interviews and a camera to record and analyze. Hopefully we can do it over and over until your performance is trustworthy. You will also get some theory about presentation skills.