Sophie Hallstedt

Sophie Hallstedt

Professor inom området Hållbar produktutveckling

Tel: +46 455 385511

Lärosäte/Institut: Blekinge Tekniska Högskola

Akademi: Product Development Academy (PDA)

My research focus on how a strategic socio-ecological sustainability perspective can be integrated and implemented on strategic, tactical and operational levels in companies in order to be able to bring forward sustainable solutions.


Sophie is leading the research area Sustainable Product Development at BTH. Her research is how to bring in sustainability in the early phases of the product innovation process. The research objective is to support companies to integrate and implement sustainability into their product innovation processes from a strategic and tactical to an operational level. Several methods and approaches has come out from her research which for example, enhance the ability to measure: i) maturity level of sustainability implementation; ii) sustainability consequences of different solutions, and then; iii) quantify and visualize the progress of sustainability implementation. The purpose of her research is to increase the product design teams’ ability to make strategic choices and contribute to a more proactive company regarding sustainability issues and make business advantages out of that.